Dhs. 1,999.00 AED

If you've never heard of a microcurrent facial, you might be interested to know that they are often referred to as natural face lifts and you might be even more interested to know that you can now achieve unparalleled results from the comfort of your own home with the superpowered TRINITY+ Starter Kit.

Transcending everything you thought you knew about smart skin care, this even more advanced new tool shapes your face in mere minutes. ‘3-Depth Technology’ hones in on your skin and muscles to immediately blur fine lines and wrinkles, and reveal a more sculpted appearance with continued use. Clever right? Just when you thought NuFACE had reached the limits of game-changing skin care, they’ve now provided you with the power to amp up your facial exactly where you need it. The Boost-Button is your skin care power-up, providing 25% more microcurrent for the places that need a little more TLC (that’s toning, lifting and contouring in this case). When paired with the NuFACE Smart APP, you can create a truly custom, professional-level skin care regime without having to leave your front door. With a two month supply of Aqua Gel and Silk Crème Activators, and ultra-luxe Clean Sweep Application Brush included too… this brings you everything you need to satisfy your inner facialist.