The Sculpt Studio

The Classic Face Yoga
60 minutes / AED 385
Our signature Face yoga technique using muscle manipulation techniques.

Lifting & Sculpting
75 minutes / AED 1,500
This Noble Panacea 75-minute treatment combines exclusive drainage and invigorating massage with lifting microcurrent technology, and potent formulations for the ultimate lift and sculpt.

The Facette FaceLift
80 minutes / AED 899
An advanced high-tech lymphatic treatment with Radio Frequency for ultimate skin tightening.

Recommended Frequency: Recommended every 1 week

Recommended for: Lifting and Toning

Suitable for pregnant women

We want to see you glow, keep these preventative measures in mind before your visit.

● Avoid using retinol or other intensive exfoliants 3-5 days prior to the treatment.
● Avoid threading or waxing 24hs prior to the treatment.
● Avoid laser hair removal treatments for at least a week before the treatment.

● Drink plenty of water to aid in the lymphatic drainage process.
● Avoid heavy meals directly after the treatment.


We recommend frequent treatments for optimal results. Monthly memberships come with special discounts and perks (in addition to a glow).