Teen Glow Facial

45 minutes / AED 420

About this treatment:
Created just for teens. This pore-purifying facial is formulated to treat and prevent breakouts, control oil production, reduce redness and inflammation, and hydrate. We start with a deep cleanse, a professional exfoliation to decongest the skin, extractions and then high-frequency to kill bacteria deep in the pores. This is followed by a clarifying mask for maximum glow.

Recommended for: Maintenance

Skin types: All teen skin types

Concerns: Acne, congestion, dryness, sensitivity

Recommended Frequency: Recommended every 3 weeks

Recommended for: Targeted Treatment

We want to see you glow, keep these preventative measures in mind before your visit.

• Avoid using retinol or other intensive exfoliants 3-5 days prior to the treatment.
• Avoid threading or waxing 24 hours prior to the treatment.
• Avoid laser hair removal treatments for at least a week before the treatment.
• Keep hydrated, it always helps boost results

Sun protection is crucial on a daily basis. Applying a generous amount of sunscreen is an absolute necessity, so ensure you remain diligent with your SPF!

• Avoid direct prolonged sun exposure for at least 7 days.
• Avoid exercise, sauna, steam room, swimming for 48hs.
• Avoid using retinol or other intensive exfoliants for 4-5 days.


We recommend frequent treatments for optimal results. Monthly memberships come with special discounts and perks (in addition to a glow).