Dhs. 1,276.00 AED

Overnight Resurfacing • Micro-Dose Exfoliation

Our high-powered booster:

Unlock a night of exceptional, expert beauty sleep and wake up to resurfaced, refined, and renewed skin. This intensive, cutting-edge, leave-on overnight treatment, is powered by the groundbreaking OSMV™ Technology for micro-dosed, gradual, and precisely controlled release of a complex of AHAs and BHA for a strong yet gentle exfoliating and refining treatment. Cell turnover is optimized overnight and as the final stage, the product releases a soothing blend of ingredients precisely when the skin’s absorption is at its maximum to soften and comfort the skin. Overnight, renewed, luminous, and healthy-looking skin is unveiled. The epitome of skincare innovation, this high-tech treatment is also meticulously programmed and synchronized with the skin's overnight biorhythm.

Use once per week in the evening, before sleeping. All skin types, including sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic. Dermatologist-approved. Cruelty-free.