Dhs. 1,033.00 AED

Hydra Detox · Revitalizing

The epitome of beauty sleep, your skin will awaken completely refreshed and glowing with this comforting night cream. This richly velvet formula launches an optimal sequence of active ingredients by first detoxifying the skin of daily pollutants and toxins to then maximally hydrate, overall recharging your skin to its utmost health. The dual power of our vanguard patented OSMV™ Technology and active ingredients work with your skin’s intrinsic nighttime cellular regeneration and reparative actions, when it’s the most receptive. It’s a new dawn in supple, smooth, radiant skin in the morning.

  • Innovative formula: 1. Detoxifies, 2. Replenishes, 3. Hydrates
  • Wake up to hydrated and skin, even with minimal sleep
  • Intense all-night moisture
  • Boosts collagen and elastin production for smooth, supple skin
  • Comforts skin, prepping you for a restful night
  • Luxurious velvet, nourishing, creamy texture
30 doses