Skincare technology continues to play a pivotal role in revolutionizing our routines and enhancing the effectiveness of various treatments. One such innovation that has taken the beauty industry by storm is high frequency. In this installment of SkinTech Spotlight, we'll explore what high frequency is, why it's a staple in facials, and the myriad benefits it brings to the table.

What is High Frequency?

High frequency is a skincare technique that utilizes a high-frequency alternating current to stimulate, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin. The treatment involves the use of a small, handheld device that emits a mild electrical current through a glass electrode. This electrode, typically filled with argon or neon gas, produces a gentle buzzing or humming sound as it comes into contact with the skin.

The technology behind high frequency has been in use for decades, with its roots tracing back to the early 20th century. Originally developed for medical purposes, high frequency found its way into the beauty industry due to its remarkable skin-enhancing properties.

Why is High Frequency Used in Facials?

High frequency has become a go-to tool for skincare professionals during facials for several reasons. First and foremost, it boasts powerful antibacterial properties. The high-frequency current generates ozone, which helps to oxygenate the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. This makes it an excellent choice for those struggling with acne, as it can help reduce inflammation and promote a clearer complexion.

Furthermore, high frequency is renowned for its ability to stimulate blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Improved circulation means a boost in the delivery of nutrients to skin cells, aiding in cell regeneration and promoting a healthier, more vibrant complexion. The gentle massage effect also helps reduce puffiness and can alleviate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Beyond its purifying and circulatory benefits, high frequency is prized for its capacity to enhance product penetration. When used in conjunction with skincare serums and creams, the electrical current helps these products penetrate deeper into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. This makes high frequency an ideal complement to any skincare routine, as it ensures that your favorite products are delivering their full potential.

The Benefits of High Frequency

  • Clears Acne and Blemishes:
High frequency's potent antibacterial properties make it a game-changer for those battling acne and blemishes. By eliminating acne-causing bacteria and reducing inflammation, it aids in achieving a clearer, smoother complexion.
  • Stimulates Collagen Production:
Collagen, the protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, tends to diminish with age. High frequency stimulates collagen production, helping to combat the signs of aging by firming and toning the skin.
  • Improves Blood Circulation:
Enhanced blood circulation is key to promoting a healthy complexion. High frequency increases blood flow to the skin, ensuring that vital nutrients reach the cells, resulting in a radiant and revitalized appearance.
  • Reduces Puffiness and Dark Circles:
The gentle massage effect of high frequency helps drain excess fluids and reduces puffiness. This, coupled with improved circulation, can minimize the appearance of dark circles, leaving the eyes looking refreshed and awake.
  • Enhances Product Absorption:
By facilitating better product penetration, high frequency ensures that your skincare products are absorbed more effectively, maximizing their impact and delivering visible results.

Experience High Frequency the Facette Way: The Customized Facial

Facette Facial Bar invites you to elevate your skincare routine with the pinnacle of pampering and rejuvenation – the Customized Facial. This tailor-made process is meticulously designed to provide a transformative experience, focusing on effective cleansing, exfoliation, and revitalization. At the heart of this indulgent journey is the integration of high-frequency and LED technologies, working in with the facial to combat acne-causing bacteria and usher in a radiant complexion. Let's dive into the details of this unparalleled facial experience.

The Customized Facial: Step by Step

1. Consultation:

Begin your facial journey with a personalized consultation. Our skilled skincare coach will assess your skin type, concerns, and goals to curate a treatment plan tailored just for you.

2. Double Cleansing:

A gentle yet thorough cleansing process removes impurities and prepares the canvas for the subsequent steps. Our carefully selected cleansers are chosen to suit your skin's unique needs.

3. Exfoliation:

Bid farewell to dull and lifeless skin as our exfoliation step ensures the removal of dead skin cells, unveiling a smoother and more radiant complexion.

4. Extractions:

Say goodbye to stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Our skilled estheticians employ a gentle extraction process to ensure a clear and refined skin texture.

5. High-Frequency Treatment or LED Therapy:

Enter the realm of cutting-edge skincare technology with our high-frequency treatment. This step utilizes the power of electrical currents to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and promoting clearer skin. High frequency is the perfect solution for those seeking a targeted approach to acne concerns. If you’d prefer LED Therapy, this involves different wavelengths of light used to address various skincare issues, from reducing redness to promoting collagen production. 

6. Customized Mask:

Indulge in a tailored mask that addresses your specific skincare concerns. Whether you're looking for hydration, detoxification, or calming effects, our masks are designed to cater to your skin's unique needs.

7. Jelly Mask:

Our incredible jelly masks provide a sensory delight with their unique texture, offering a refreshing and indulgent experience that leaves the skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated, and irresistibly smooth.

8. Serum Infusion:

Elevate your skin's hydration and nourishment with our serum infusion step. Specially curated serums, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, are gently massaged into the skin, ensuring deep absorption and lasting benefits.

9. Eye Care:

Treat the delicate skin around your eyes with a specialized product to address concerns like puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines. Our expert application ensures targeted care for this sensitive area.

10. Moisturization:

Seal in the goodness with a luxurious moisturization step. Our moisturizers are carefully chosen to complement your skin type, providing the perfect finishing touch to your revitalized complexion.

11. SPF Application:

Safeguard your newfound radiance with the application of a broad-spectrum SPF. Sun protection is paramount in maintaining the results of your Customized Facial and preserving your skin's health.

Why High Frequency?

The inclusion of high-frequency treatment in the Customized Facial at Facette Facial Bar serves as a testament to its efficacy in addressing acne concerns. The gentle electrical currents generated by the high-frequency device not only target and eliminate acne-causing bacteria but also assist in reducing inflammation. This makes high frequency an ideal addition to the facial for those looking to combat breakouts and achieve a clearer complexion.

The Post-Treatment Glow:

As you emerge from the Facette experience, your skin will exude a newfound radiance and vitality. The use of high-frequency and LED therapy, alongside a nourishing blend of antioxidants, ensures that your skin remains clear and rejuvenated post-treatment. The Customized Facial is more than a skincare routine; it's a holistic approach to self-care and indulgence.

February 22, 2024 — Facette Facial