As we mark the fourth year of Facette Facial Bar, we embark on a journey of celebration, reflection, and gratitude. Since our inception, our mission has been to provide unparalleled skincare experiences, empowering our clients to embrace their natural beauty. With each passing year, we've expanded our offerings, introduced innovative treatments, and welcomed new brands into our family. This anniversary weekend, join us in commemorating this milestone with our exclusive limited edition anniversary package and indulge in a pampering experience like no other.

Limited Edition Anniversary Package: 4 Treatments for AED 444!

In honor of our 4th anniversary, we are thrilled to introduce a special limited edition anniversary package designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. This package encompasses a curated selection of our most sought-after treatments, promising a radiant transformation from within:

  • Quick Fix Facial: A quick yet effective facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated in no time.
  • 30-Minute Classic Face Yoga: Experience the transformative power of Face Yoga, as our skilled Skin Coaches perform a series of exercises to tone, lift, and sculpt your facial muscles for a youthful glow.
  • Microcurrent Session: Harnessing the power of microcurrent technology, this session stimulates collagen production, tightens sagging skin, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a firmer, more radiant complexion.
  • LED or High Frequency Session: Choose between our LED therapy or High Frequency treatment to address specific skin concerns, whether it's acne, inflammation, or dullness. LED therapy harnesses the power of light to promote healing and rejuvenation, while High Frequency targets bacteria and boosts circulation for clearer, healthier skin.

Indulge in this comprehensive package and embark on a journey towards radiant, glowing skin that reflects the beauty within. Available exclusively during our anniversary weekend, this limited edition package is the ultimate way to treat yourself or a loved one to a luxurious skincare experience. Find out more or book your package!

A Year of Growth and Innovation: Reflecting on Facette's Journey

As we celebrate our 4th year, we take pride in the milestones we've achieved and the growth we've experienced. This past year has been particularly exciting as we introduced new treatments and welcomed esteemed brands into our repertoire.

New Treatments: Deep Sea Peel

One of the highlights of our 4th year has been the introduction of the Deep Sea Peel, a transformative treatment that harnesses the power of marine ingredients to rejuvenate and renew the skin. This unique, acid-free peel is formulated with nutrient-rich seaweed extracts, coral and potent antioxidants. The Deep Sea Peel exfoliates dead skin cells, reduces hyperpigmentation, and promotes cellular regeneration for a radiant complexion. This innovative treatment exemplifies our commitment to offering cutting-edge skincare solutions that deliver visible results.

Welcoming New Brands to the Facette Family: Noble Panacea & NuFace

In our pursuit of excellence, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Noble Panacea to our curated selection of skincare brands. Renowned for its revolutionary formulations and scientific approach to skincare, Noble Panacea epitomizes luxury and efficacy. With a focus on cellular regeneration, Noble Panacea products are designed to optimize skin health and vitality at a cellular level, ensuring unparalleled results for discerning skincare enthusiasts. We are delighted to partner with Noble Panacea and offer our clients access to their transformative skincare range.

Additionally, NuFace brings its expertise in microcurrent technology to our lineup, offering innovative devices that tone and sculpt the face for a more youthful appearance. We are delighted to partner with these esteemed brands and offer our clients access to their transformative skincare range.

Join Us in Celebration: Embrace Your Radiance at Facette Facial Bar

As we commemorate our 4th anniversary, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal clients, dedicated team members, and esteemed partners who have been instrumental in our journey. Join us in celebration and experience the unparalleled luxury of Facette Facial Bar as we continue to redefine skincare excellence.

Indulge in our exclusive limited edition anniversary package and discover the transformative power of radiant skin. Book your appointment today and embark on a journey of beauty, rejuvenation, and self-care at Facette Facial Bar. Here's to many more years of radiant moments and glowing transformations!

March 04, 2024 — Facette Facial